Men and Women's Golf Clothes in Canada

If you're on the hunt for golf apparel, then you've come to the right place. Here at Niagara Golf Warehouse, we're your one-stop shop for all things golf clothing. We've got an extensive inventory of the best brands in the industry and we can ensure you get kitted out for your next round.

Browse all the men's and women's golf clothing we offer below.

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Men and Women's Golf Clothes Canada

No matter the style, size, or price range, we guarantee we have something in our golf apparel range for you. Get to know the clothing inventory a little better below.

What Brands Do You Offer in Your Men's and Women's Golf Apparel?

We offer many popular brands in our golf apparel category and we also have new partnerships with brands like Stroke Play Golf Apparel and PLYR Golf Apparel. You can find the brands you love by using our filter settings.

What Clothing Items Do I Need For Golf?

For men, we would recommend smart pants or shorts, including slacks, and a collared polo shirt. Remember to make sure you're comfortable and opt for breathable fabrics, especially in hotter climates.

For women, there are many options, including dresses, skorts, pants, or reasonable-length shorts paired with a smart top or collared polo. As with the men's style, we would recommend comfortable fabrics, particularly if you're playing in a warm climate, and stretch to ensure you can move properly.

You may also need to invest in clothing for a cold or rainy round, just in case!

What Sizes Do You Stock?

We're proud to stock sizes from XS to 3XL to ensure that everyone can get kitted out for a game of golf with us. If you're looking for a particular size in our golf clothing, you can use the filters at the side of the page to find the one you need and to see all the clothes we have in stock in that size.

How Strict are Clothing Standards on Golf Courses?

While it ultimately depends upon the golf course, most places will expect you to dress with a level of formality. Both men and women should be dressed respectfully, and generally, things like joggers, leggings, tracksuit pants, and hoodies are not permitted.

While you should dress for comfort on the golf course, you also need to ensure you look smart and respectable for this game.

Why Can't You Wear Denim on a Golf Course?

To begin with, you need to be able to move while playing golf, and denim doesn't exactly allow for lots of movement, nor is it a comfortable fabric. It's not a particularly breathable fabric either, so isn't great for warm courses, and generally doesn't have any stretch. However, the main reason you can't wear denim is that it isn't considered proper golf attire for men or women. Many courses will not allow it as part of their dress code, so it should be avoided.

For further information about our golf clothing, get in touch today.

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