Golf Club Repair Pricing and Lead Times

Repair Pricing

We do a large number of golf club repairs here in house. Items can be shipped to us for repair or you can drop them off. Please find the repair pricelist below.

Now offering Mail in club repairs. CLICK HERE 

  • Regripping Free with purchase of Grips. (not during the grip sale) 
  • Same Day Regripping Fee $29.99 + Price of Grips. (Book time here)
  • Resetting lose head - $9.99
  • Swapping shafts (Shafts provided) $14.99/ club
  • Club Bending $3.99 / club 
  • Reshafting - Cost of shaft ( steel $30+) (Graphite $80+)
  • Extension $12.99/ club
  • Shortening $4.99/ club
  • Lie/ Loft Charting $29.99

Lead time for repairs

  • Repair lead times are subject to change without notice. 
  • Regripping without select same day ( 2-3 business days)
  • Resetting heads (2 business days)
  • All other repairs (2-5 business days)

Full-service golf equipment repairs from experienced experts

While we love helping golfers find that new club to take their game to the next level, we know that golfers are particular to the point of superstition about their clubs. Having trouble with your “lucky 9 iron”? Don’t replace it, let the experts at Niagara Golf Warehouse repair or adjust it for you. We offer full-service repairs to all makes and models of clubs. We also provide re-adjustments.

Have a question or unique repair need? Contact us today!

Our technicians have experience with all manner of golf club repairs and can get your club back in the bag and on the course quickly. Is the head of your driver coming loose? We can tighten loose heads or re-attach one that has become detached from the shaft. Other repairs include removing loose components from your clubs that cause annoying sounds, adjusting your iron’s loft and so much more!

Grip Installation

Our Performance Fitting Centre ensures your grips are optimized to you, your swing and your game. This process will determine the right size and right feel for your grips and get the most out of your clubs, whether they’re brand new or experienced. 

Shaft Work

Niagara Golf Warehouse can repair, adjust or remove your club’s shaft, as necessary. Have you found a driver head you love but the shaft doesn’t work for you? We have all the necessary tools to install steel or graphite shafts, allowing you to custom build a club that fits your game. With our shaft analyzer we can asses and find exactly what you need.