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When you’re buying golf balls, we know you don’t want to skimp out on quality for the sake of affordable pricing.  Niagara Golf Warehouse believes in making golf balls accessible for all, so no matter the quality, spin or distance requirements, you’ll find the perfect golf ball for you!

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The Best Golf Balls In Canada, High-Quality Products And Free shipping!

Our products range in price from the super affordable to the more high-end golf balls. However, our more affordable golf balls are still perfect for practicing with your buddies or participating in tournaments. 

We have a huge range of sizes and models, perfect for any pro looking to improve their distance and trajectory, or even beginner balls with lower compression that are perfect for practicing your short game. 

Our exclusive partnerships with big-name brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Srixon and Callaway give your access to top-name premium brands for lower prices. This is just part of our mission to make golfing and golfing accessories more affordable for prospective professionals and hobbyists. 

However, we don’t just offer an amazing selection of golf ball brands. We also offer golfing technology to assist your golf ball selection. 

You can also find golf ball range finders in our collection, helping you accurately determine the distance between you and the target. The finders can help you make better club and ball decisions when you come to play. Our amazing service doesn’t stop at our product, however. 

We offer free shipping on all orders above $99.99 with guaranteed satisfaction with our flexible return policy; that means you can shop for golf balls and other golfing accessories with total confidence. 

Visit us in-store today or shop online to benefit from our exclusive prices and high-quality products. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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