Golf Wedges in Canada

Niagara Golf Warehouse is proud to have a number of unique partnerships with major brands in the golf industry. This means that you're going to find quality golfing products when you shop with us. We offer a range of products for golfing enthusiasts of all ages, experience levels, and more.

In our range, we sell golf club sets, including wedges. Browse our entire collection of wedges below to find the perfect product for your game.

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Best Golf Wedges in Canada

Getting to grips with all of the different kinds of golf clubs can be difficult, especially when you've never played golf before. If you're totally new, or you just need a bit of refresher, we've gone into more detail about wedges below.

What is a Wedge Golf Club?

Wedges have the shortest shafts and the highest lofts when it comes to golf clubs. They are often referred to by their loft, though they all have their own names. There are four types of wedges in golf, these include:

  • Pitching wedge: This wedge has the least amount of loft (between 45 and 48 degrees), and can hit the ball the furthest out of all wedges. They're used for approach shots and chip shots with a lower trajectory.
  • Gap wedge: The youngest in the wedge family, this club is the sweet spot between a pitching and a sand wedge. Their loft is about 50–54 degrees but they can drive the ball much further than the sand wedge. They're commonly used for approach shots between 80 and 100 yards.
  • Sand wedge: This wedge is used to get out of bunkers and has the widest sole of any wedge. They have a loft angle of between 54 and 58 degrees and can hit a ball between 70 and 90 yards. While they are usually used in bunkers, they also make a good club choice when hitting from a downhill lie.
  • Lob wedge: These wedges are designed for chip shots and are used to hit high-arcing approach shots. Their loft range is between 58 and 60 degrees, though you may be able to find some that reach 64 degrees. They're usually used for approach shots of no more than 30 yards, even if they can hit the ball up to 70 yards.

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