Golf Putter Grips in Canada

Choosing the best putter grip for your swing is essential to a great game, and here at Niagara Golf Warehouse, we've got plenty of putter grips for you to choose from. With the best brands in the industry, all-size grips to browse, and expert customer support to help you should you need it, there's no need to look elsewhere for your putter grip needs.

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Best Putter Grips in Canada

The putter grip you choose acts as the only place of contact between your hands and your putter, meaning it's got to be just perfect. Grips come in many shapes, weights, and sizes, and different styles will suit different people.

We've addressed some of the common questions about putter grips below to help you understand what they are, why you need them, and what to look for in a putter grip. This should help you to understand what you're buying a little better!

What Are Putting Grips and Why Do I Need Them?

If you're new to golf, you've probably been slightly overwhelmed by the number of golf terms you've heard, and one of them is likely putter grip.

A putter grip is a grip that covers the handle of the putter or flatstick. The grip is the only point of contact between you and the club, which means you've got to choose carefully to get the grip just right.

First and foremost, you need a putter grip for the practical reason of being able to hold the golf club firmly. However, you can choose a putter grip that gives you a little advantage too. For example, the weight of the grip can have an impact on your putting stroke, as can the size of the grip.

The grip shape may also affect your grip pressure, wrist movement, and the way you hold the putter in the first place.

How Do I Know What Putter Grip to Use?

When looking for the best putter grips, you're going to come across a ton of articles called 'List of the best putter grips available,' but the best thing to do is to consider a few things about yourself first. Rather than looking for what someone else thinks is the best, you need to work out what is the best for you. 

Consider these things when choosing a putter grip:

  • Shape: Each grip style is suited to a different shape of putter grip, so working out how you grip your putter will help you find the right style.
  • Weight: Grips come in different weights and this can affect your swing. You may find that heavier weights have a counterbalancing effect that works well for you, but you will likely need to try a few first.
  • Size: Whether you're looking at an oversize grip or a standard size, the size will also impact the way you swing. Oversized putter grips, or thicker styles, tend to be a good option if you have a shaky stroke.

The best thing to do to find the right putter grip is to speak with a professional. Why not take a look at our golf fitting services to see if we could help you out?

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