New Qi10 TaylorMade Driver

New Qi10 TaylorMade Driver

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Exploring the TaylorMade Qi10: A New Era in Golf Driving Technology

As the golfing world eagerly anticipates the release of TaylorMade's latest innovation, the Qi10 driver, it's time to delve into what makes this new entrant a potential game-changer in the world of golf.

The Rise of Qi10: A Departure from Stealth

2024 marks a significant shift for TaylorMade as they transition from the Stealth series to the newly introduced Qi10. The Qi10 LS, a low-spin model, has made its debut on the USGA's conforming list, hinting at an upcoming range that might also include a standard version and a draw-biased model. This strategic move not only signifies TaylorMade's continual evolution but also keeps the golfing community on its toes with the promise of enhanced performance and innovation​​.

Cutting-Edge Technology: The Carbon Fiber Face

The Qi10 continues TaylorMade's commitment to using a carbon fiber face, a trend they've upheld since the Stealth drivers. Carbon fiber is selected for its unique combination of strength, flexibility, and ability to handle high-impact collisions. TaylorMade's engineers have skillfully crafted the Qi10's face with 60 layers of ultra-thin carbon strips, ensuring greater flex than traditional titanium without compromising on sound quality. This advanced engineering positions the Qi10 as a driver that can potentially offer superior feel and performance​​.

Precision and Customization: Key Features

  • Lofts: The Qi10 LS will be available in 8º, 9º, and 10.5º lofts, each conforming to the Rules of Golf. This range provides golfers with options to suit their swing and style.
  • Sliding Weight: A notable feature is the sliding weight behind the Speed Pocket slot. This allows for shot shape adjustment, albeit with a shorter slot compared to the Stealth 2 Plus driver, suggesting a new direction in customization and control.
  • Weight Port: Further enhancing customization, the Qi10 includes a weight port in the sole's back, offering the ability to modify the center of gravity within the head​​.

Aesthetic Evolution: Design and Color

Moving away from the striking red of the Stealth series, the Qi10 adopts a more subdued aesthetic. The sole features black with white graphics and silver used in the weights, reflecting a trend towards neutral and black finishes in drivers. This shift not only gives the Qi10 a sleek, modern look but also aligns with the broader industry trend of minimalistic design​​.

Anticipated Launch and Availability

While an official release date for the Qi10 LS is not yet confirmed, TaylorMade typically launches new drivers in early January, with pre-orders starting by mid-January and global retail availability around mid-February. The golf community is eagerly awaiting further details, especially since TaylorMade is known for its high-profile promotional shoots featuring star players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Scottie Scheffler​​.


The TaylorMade Qi10 is poised to make a significant impact on the golfing landscape. Its innovative design, advanced technology, and aesthetic evolution symbolize TaylorMade's commitment to enhancing the golfing experience. As golfers await its arrival, the Qi10 stands as a testament to the exciting developments occurring in golf technology.

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